ArduSat API
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Message structure for communication between assv and experiment nodes over i2c bus

Communication layer to run on the nodes. Hides the request-based i2c protocol by queuing messages for sending. This allows the experimental sampling to be decoupled from the request loop. Imported checksumming on the data.

Arduino libraries used for ArduSat. Mostly generic Arduino libraries, either standard, or adapted for ArduSat.

The following interfaces are incomplete right now:

SAT_AppStorage is a Nanosatisfi library that provides access to long-term experimental storage device. An arduino program running on the satellite sends a string to to its supervisor to be written to disk. When experiment reaches its predefined limit of 10KB, the experiment will exit and flush remaining data to satellite. This will start the downloading process. Otherwise when a user sends a message to the Supervisor to invoke exit.

SAT_Spectro is a Nanosatisfi library that provide an API to application to sample the spectrometer onboard.