ArduSat API
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SAT_Spectro Class Reference

#include <SAT_Spectro.h>

Public Member Functions

 SAT_Spectro (uint8_t id)
void set_exposure (uint8_t setting)
void take_sample (void)
void onReceiveChunk (void(*)(size_t, boolean), byte *, size_t)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SAT_Spectro::SAT_Spectro ( uint8_t  id)

Constructor that has a single ID parameter.

id- The id of the user's arduino on the ArduSat. This allows the supervisor to know which arduino node to send the data back to. The id is assigned by NanoSatisfi.

Member Function Documentation

void SAT_Spectro::onReceiveChunk ( void(*)(size_t, boolean)  ,
byte *  ,
function(size_t,boolean)size_t is returned chunk size, the boolean is a done flag
appbufa pointer to the application buffer to be filled with a chunk of data from the spectruino
buffer_lenthe maximum buffer size of the application buffer
void SAT_Spectro::set_exposure ( uint8_t  setting)

Sets the exposure on the spectrometer.

setting- A value from 1-99.
void SAT_Spectro::take_sample ( void  )

Initiates the taking from a spectrometer sample

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